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ArtWorldDatabase.com is a comprehensive online platform for all information pertaining to Southeast Asian contemporary art.
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Curatorial Projects

Peruke Projects presents Itinerant Practices, a group exhibition opening in September 2023 at Cromwell Place in London.
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Why Peruke?

The Peruke Projects logo parodies the elitism of established (societal and political) hierarchies, and represents a form of social activism against gender discrimination, racism, and class bias. This ethos is the substance of our brand that offers an accessible avenue of engagement with contemporary art, across all of its mediums.

Definition of peruke

Noun: a type of wig for men, fashionable in the 17th and 18th centuries.
Also called: periwig.

Wigs originated in ancient Egypt as a symbol of power and to distinguish the elite. With the spread of syphilis in 14th and 15th century Europe, and the hair loss it caused due to mercury treatments, they regained their popularity. The monarchy in both England and France revitalised the custom to hide the disease’s effects and wig culture became a trend, a symbol of power, wealth, and social status. A hair hierarchy was re-established, and government officials in England followed suit and adopted wigs and similar hairstyles in both Parliament and in the courtroom. In England, wigs remain an important part of formal courtroom attire for judges and barristers.