Artist Residencies

Image courtesy of Quynh Lam 2022

The Peruke Projects artist residency is a collaboration between Peruke and PULSE Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand. This inaugural residency is for five months, running from November 2021 to April 2022. 

The artist is provided with free living accommodation by Peruke in a centrally located one-bedroom flat in the neighbourhood of Ekkamai in Bangkok, Thailand. Studio space is located in Phaya Thai and the exhibition space in Ploenchit; both are provided by PULSE Clinic. At the end of the residency, Peruke and PULSE will present a solo exhibition featuring a new body of works produced by the artist during the residency. Peruke will curate the exhibition and work with the artist to form the content. 

About the Artist

The first artist-in-residence is Quỳnh Lâm, a Vietnamese interdisciplinary artist with a background in architecture, working in painting, performance, photography, installation, and video. Quỳnh is also a Fulbright Scholar, her research interests including post-war trauma, reconstructed memories, and displaced identities. During her residency, Quỳnh will create a new body of works which includes silk paintings informed by her research trip in Thailand.

Quỳnh is interested in places that can be considered “forgotten landscapes”. When she was in Vietnam for her previous long-term project, she focused on Huế — the old capital of Vietnam prior to 1945, when Emperor Bao Dai abdicated his throne and Hanoi became the new capital of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. At this time, she visualised the unseen and navigated the unknown by contemplating layers of accumulated history, not as separate strata but as intermingled soil, richer for its mixture.

Now, in Thailand, she is fascinated by the ruins of Sukhothai–a treasure trove of history. She also feels closely connected after her recent field trip focusing on the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in Italy. Doing research and combining it with her art practice, wherever she works, in different sites and locations, connecting historical memories and cultural geography, is her way of telling narratives.

About the Project

Quỳnh’s new series from Thailand will be shown in an exhibition at the PULSE art space. The full objective of this project is to achieve a further result from her research to eventually focus on illustrating her emotive and creative response to her time as a four-year nomad, living in the diaspora, during the Covid-19 pandemic, circling around traumas of living as a target of racism, and the trials and tribulations of being unable to return to her home country. 

Separated from her homeland, Quỳnh longed to produce a work that represents both the journey in and among the diaspora and her personal experience as a COVID refugee, as well as  an Asian living in a foreign country that has a high rate of racism. In this performance, she strongly confronts toxic stereotypes towards Asian women and hate crimes against them. The artist yearns to reach the audience, not only in the abstract form of language, history, and memory, but more specifically in terms of papers, possessions, and fragments of a body that moves endlessly through space and time.

As an extension of the residency, Quỳnh’s performance will be executed at A.I. Gallery, Cromwell Place, in London in a group exhibition alongside performance artists Anida Yoeu Ali (b. Cambodia) and Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (b. Philippines) from 10 to 22 May in 2022 in conjunction with London Gallery Weekend (13-15 May). Alongside the exhibition and performances by Quỳnh and Lilibeth there will be also an art talk.  More information will be announced as this first edition of the programme evolves. For questions or press, please contact or +44(0)7895240137.

Image courtesy of Quỳnh Lâm, 2022